Mega Yacht Tender Whips

Boat mounted mooring whips are an extension of the original dock mounted mooring whips invented by Mooring Products Int. in 1956. The boat mounted mooring whips are available in three standard sizes for tenders weighing up to 10,000 LBS. Customized kits are also available for tenders weighing up to 50,000 LBS.


By using breast and spring line to hold the tender in place. The leverage created by the bending of the mooring whip pole, holds and keeps the tender a safe distance away from the side, or swim platform of the larger vessel.


As an after market item, we can supply complete kits, as well as additional flush bases and poles. As the inventor of the mooring whip, we have the expertise to answer ant technical questions that might arise during any part of the building or after market process. All boat mounted mooring whips ship in packaging that allow us to send the whips anywhere in the world via courier.


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The Tender Whip Kit

All mooring whip systems come complete with solid fiberglass poles, roller tips, whip cleats and whip line. The roller tips and whip cleats are made of non marking nylon. The coupler is made of fiberglass. Two stainless flush bases with mounting hardware and installation instructions complete the kit.


The stainless flush mounts can be installed on swim platforms, deck, or rub rails, depending on the preferred location of the tender.


The poles come in two pieces which can be easily stored. The flush bases eliminate tripping or catching of lines on board.

Whip Kits for Yacht Builders

During the building stage, many large yacht builders contact us for recommendations on where they can incorporate sockets for the mooring whip poles. In these cases we are happy to supply the proper size mooring whip poles.