Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mooring Whips?

Mooring Whips are a reliable and easy-to-use mooring system for preventing boats from being damaged while they are being moored at the dock. The poles are specially designed solid fiberglass rods mounted in a two-part marine grade aluminum base. Mooring Products Intl. exclusive roller tip and whip cleat allows for easy retrieval of the boat for boarding and makes tie off quick and hassle free.

Will they work on my boat?

Mooring Products has models designed for power and sail boats from 12′ to 75′ weighing from 500 to 72,000 pounds. Boat mounted whips are also available. They are the perfect solution for mooring a runabout or jet ski off a swim platform or houseboat. The “safety zone” eliminates the constant problem of two boats pitching and rolling against each other.

Where can Mooring Whips be used?

Areas plagued by severe weather, boat wake, wind or tides are ideal for Mooring Whips. These tough mooring conditions are easily tamed by the Mooring Whip system. Mooring Whips can be used on fixed or floating docks as well as sea walls. If your dock is in good condition you won’t need to reinforce the decking, because the work is done by the poles and very little force is applied to the bases.

What is the experience of Mooring Products International?

In 1956, Mooring Products invented the Mooring Whip system. We perfected our system in Ft. Lauderdale where mooring conditions are as demanding as anywhere in the country. Tides, South Florida storms, heavy boat traffic, and howling winds are commonplace. With over 60 years of mooring experience we know that our Mooring Whips are the most economical and easiest to use mooring system available. Day in and day out they do the job of protecting your boat. Backed by a 1 year warranty (expect 10 – 20 years of use) and customer satisfaction guarantee, Mooring Whips by Mooring Products International means your mooring problems are a thing of the past.